Infinity Pools Optical Illusions Explained

Infinity pools are beautiful, when you are in and around them, they look like the water is endless, or as if it blends either with an infinite amount of water or the sky behind them.

We have sketched how they really work; while your eyes are seeing a border of water that blends with the large amounts of water in the background or with the sky.  The water at the far border of the pool, actually flows into a reservoir in the back which is pumped back into the pool.

Holographic Genie in a Bottle, Innovative optical illusion in marketing

The latest buzz in the optical illusion world surrounds Disney’s newest patent (WIPO WO2008/021605A1) about an optical illusion device that will be used as part of a drinking bottle. This patent is intended to significantly help with shelf appeal of their drink products, by surpassing conventional packaging methodologies. This optical illusion device is designed to show a type of genie in a bottle holographic image

Camouflage in the Movies - Be Kind Rewind

This was an excellent use of camouflage that was shown in Jack Black's "Be Kind Rewind movie. The invisibility effect was realized using painted garments. The effect probably works very well if it is viewed from the right direction; it was very well received by the audience as people laughed during this scene. The movie also features a lot of optical illusions that the actors use to portrait some of the most famous scenes in classic movies. Picture showing camouflage in a movie called Be Kind Rewind in 2008 with Jack Black

New technologies in camouflage are being actively researched and developed in many parts of the world; this University of Tokyo-Japan video shows something they coined as optical quasi-invisibility cloak in which the background image is cropped and projected on a reflective surface; this projection is very dependent on the angle from which the camouflage is viewed as in the case of the "Be kind rewind movie".

Playing with Scales and Camera Angles to creat Optical Illusions

Some optical illusions take advantage of the fact that cameras and pictures as we know them are 2D representations of a 3D world. Creating this type of optical illusions requires placing yourself at the right angle to break the concept of scale and perspective.

Getting the right camera shot requires some preparation and time as well as good light conditions; to get objects close and far in focus and as sharp as possible you must maximize the depth of field. To achieve this, it is necessary to use the smallest aperture which corresponds to the highest f/ value on your camera. It is also recommended to focus the farthest object. The following pictures are beautiful achievements of this optical illusion:

scale kid finger on person optical illusion
This image by Looking Glass is a beautiful example of the illusion of scale in which this boy seems to be putting a finger on the top of a very small's person head.

Mirror Optical Illusion Prank that involves identical bathrooms and twins

This is quite an interesting German prank that fooled many. It required a lot of preparation of the scene and the actors involved in this prank.

In this amazing optical illusion, a pair of twins stand each other in a bathroom which is the exact reflection of the other bathroom. The bathrooms are separated by what seems to be a mirror, but in reality is just a very clean transparent glass. One of the two bathrooms is sealed so that people enter on only one bathroom. The twins have learned to move and walk as if one were the reflection of the other; they have also learned to talk at exactly the same time.

Transparent Display on Laptop Screen

The transparent display is a great optical illusion where you have to decide first what background you desire to use, if you have objects that are halfways behind the monitor such as the pool cue on the right edge of the laptop's screen in the picture above. I’d recommend you start with static objects inside your home; however, if the weather is nice you can try a landscape.

Mirror Half Reflection Optical Illusion

This mirror optical illusion is very easily accomplished. All you have to do is find a mirror big enough, and place a camera (you don't really need the camera unless you want to record the optical illusion)on one side of the mirror in such a way that the camera's lens slightly inclined looking from one side of the mirror towards the other end. Ask somebody to stand on the other end and watch the optical illusion. If this explanation makes it seem harder than it looks, just get a mirror, get a second person to help you and you will find out the trick without need for instructions. The kids in this video had endless hours of fun out of this mirror.
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