Playing with Scales and Camera Angles to creat Optical Illusions

Some optical illusions take advantage of the fact that cameras and pictures as we know them are 2D representations of a 3D world. Creating this type of optical illusions requires placing yourself at the right angle to break the concept of scale and perspective.

Getting the right camera shot requires some preparation and time as well as good light conditions; to get objects close and far in focus and as sharp as possible you must maximize the depth of field. To achieve this, it is necessary to use the smallest aperture which corresponds to the highest f/ value on your camera. It is also recommended to focus the farthest object. The following pictures are beautiful achievements of this optical illusion:

scale kid finger on person optical illusion
This image by Looking Glass is a beautiful example of the illusion of scale in which this boy seems to be putting a finger on the top of a very small's person head.

scale car optical illusion
This image by Cyberesque is very sharp example of the illusion of scale in which a model car held by its owner seems to be parked right next to a real size vehicle.

spain optical illution building
This image by cristianocani is of an excellent architectural building in the Spanish city of Barcelona being held between the hands of a person

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